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The Spine Series

   The intent of this class is to develop a clinical reasoning process in orthopedic manual therapy concurrent with enhancing technique selection and delivery.  The extended course concept that has today become the Spine Series was initiated with a long-term manual therapy class that included 7 weekends.  The intent was to fill the void between weekend classes with no accountability or demonstration of learning applicable skills and formal residency programs.  The class has run continuosly from 1986 until present with only a few years not being represented.

  With the introduction of our COMT program we have sought to make the offerings more granular allowing participants more flexibility in when they can take each component, both for reasons of time and affordability. This has necessitated splitting the Spine Series into two distinct courses that can be taken in series or in consecutive years. These are now referred to as The CervicoThoracic Series and The LumboPelvic series. 

    Much of the didactic material will be presented in an online format that will allow the student to complete this part of the class in their own time frame at home prior to each lab session.  This should liberate the lab classes to move immediately into discussion and hands on time with minimal time devoted to lecture.

Course Principle

The Spine Series: Cervicothoracic runs for 3 months, with 3 separate weekend long sessions of class meetings.

The Spine Series: Lumbopelvic runs for 2 months with 2 seperate weekend long session of class meetings.

There will be online lecture and case presentation content that students will view prior to class gathering physically.  The bulk of the class time can then be hands on practical application.   The instructor/student ratio has never been more than 8/1, typically less.   The classes will be approximately 1 month apart apart with reading and practice expectations in between sessions.  The orientation is practical and case studies are an essential element.


The goal is to cover the entire spine as well as the relation to the shoulder and hip in a format that will encompass the Australian dynamic thinking model from assessment, treatment decisions for soft tissues and joints, technique selection, reassessment, treatment progression, self-treatment selection, therapeutic exercise, long-term management, education, and discharge. Integration of emerging evidence in manual therapy is an essential component of the class.


The Spine Series: CervicoThoracic Series: $1450 payable in full at registration

The Spine Series: Lumbopelvic Series: $995 payable in full at registration

 Past Long Term participants repeating receive 20% discount

There is no individual session fee; rather it is course tuition so as to keep the continuum in each series. Once enrolled in the class each student is responsible for the entirety of the tuition.  Each member of the class is relying on the other members of the class for the financial commitment to make it possible to offer a course of this nature.  Once a class begins there is no latitude to add a student at any midpoint, as they would not be at the same learning point as the remainder of the class.


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Classes Location and Times:

 All class sessions will meet at Fearon Physical Therapy, 6245 North 24th Parkway, Suite 105, Phoenix, Arizona.

The class time schedule is as follows: Saturday starting promptly at 8:00 AM ending at 5:00PM.   Sunday sessions begin at 8:00 AM completing at 1:00 PM.  Alterations in the schedule for each day are negotiable but the standing policy is that this must be a unanimous vote.

Breaks, including lunch (which we provide) are on site in order to maximize content and contact time



Margaret Anderson PT, GDMT, MapS PT, FAAOMPT

Pablo Ruiz PT


Registration is on a first come first served basis and is limited to ensure instructor/student ratio remain at or below approximately 8/1.  


Note: If you are not paying in full at time of registration please contact us below to receive installment payment invoicing.


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  • Phone 503-298-0905