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The gold standard of orthopaedic manual therapy education

The gold standard of orthopedic & manual therapy education in the Sonoran Desert for 30 years.  Phoenix Manual Therapy was initiated for the serious clinician who is looking for the integration of orthopedic and manual therapy to genuinely stratify patients in the paradigm of care needed in their current presentation to progress to independence from care.  There is an emphasis on the identification of problems which can be corrected, those that need to be compensated for, and those which need management over time. 

The requisite skill sets emphasized are clinical reasoning, manual therapy intervention, genuinely therapeutic exercise, and patient management.  There is a definitive integration of current evidence in an evidence-informed model, but a clear push back from blind algorithmic processing with a focus on intellectual honesty and a test-retest model.  All courses are taught by clinicians who spend the majority of their careers in actual patient care and have developed the skills which they are trying to impart, not just verbiage for presentations.  All classes will be predominantly "lab-time" with a large part of the didactic material delivered in a recorded lecture format for the students to absorb on their own time liberating the class time to be one on one instruction and practice.

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